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Personality of the Month: Melody Okwuazu, alias M Fidel.

meet our personality for the month of April

m fidel

What’s your real name?

I go by the name Melody Okwuazu, alias M Fidel.


Tell us a bit about what you do and why do you love what you do.

I’m the C.E.O/Creative Director of “The Incredible Production” a multidimensional company engaged in a whole range of art, music, entertainment and product marketing, events and projects; and also a marketing communications company that employs all elements of the marketing mix to help bring brands alive. Owners of TIPTV, iXclusive(Fashion & Modelling), TipMusicBox(Record Label & Movies), SonDre Magazine, TipMag, Miss Exclusive Ghana, Miss Exclusive Nigeria and Miss Exclusive International (Pageantry).

 Stuffs you’ve done in your career

There are lots of projects I’ve been engaged in that give an idea of the nature of my work. Promotion of Teezers Cocktail drink (a product of Intercontinental Distillers Limited): TIP was engaged by Intercontinental Distillers Limited to help promote the Teezers Cocktail product, which we did by organizing a highly successful “Teezers Road Show”, which properly introduced the product to the general public and massively boosted its sales.

We Produced/Directed Show Your Swag project, The Urban Talent Show, Lasgidi Grinding Club Concert, K Boy Album Listening Party, etc.

During the 2010 World Cup, MTN Nigeria commissioned our team as the MC/Dancers of its MTN Viewing Centre. We were part of Andrea Haenggi’s (USA) Dance Video workshop as dance instructors/choreographer.

Among the projects we recently concluded is We All Got Talent (Music, Dance, Comedy, and Symposium), a school concert that was held on the 22nd February, 2013 at Moshood Abiola Ploythenic, Ogun State; it was fun-filled with an incredible host by M Fidel and Advantage.


If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what would you be doing?

Don’t think there’s any other thing than my field of study, which is music and performing art.

 m fidel in my studio m fidel and models m fidel interviewing jaywon

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Will prefer you ask me this question ten years from now but by then I will be asked in opposite, God keep us alive till then.


What’s your most striking character trait?

My thoughts, attitudes, opinions and quality of mind as an entrepreneur.


What’s do you consider as your selling point?

As an entrepreneur, my selling point is my ability to employs all elements of the marketing mix to help bring brands alive.


Your favourite person dead or alive and why?

Well, have come across lot of good people who have been of positive influence to my life, my mum, Kennedy Emetulu (My mentor), Mrs. Chinwe Uwatse, Aunty Joy, Kenneth Okaben (KayBoi), Solomon Patrick and others I can’t remember at this point.

 sunny nneji and m fidel id kennisMusic and M Fidel  

Person or group that has inspired you most; either professionally or personally?

Michael Collins Ajereh (Don Jazzy), Peter and Paul Okoye (P-Square), Kennedy Emetulu.


Ultimate life goal

My ultimate goal in life is to be able to look in the past and be proud of myself for what I did and accomplished, and people have also impacted and inspired.

Favourite quote

This life is in faces and men are in sizes.
sound sultan and m fidel

Tell us about the worst fashion blunder you ever committed

I’m always conscious of what I wear at all time.


Which would you prefer? Bad hair or bad shoes?



How would you describe your style?

Simply classic and outstanding.


What’s your favourite piece of clothing?

I love all my outfits.


Most expensive piece of clothing?

Can’t really say, I got a lot of good looking and expensive clothes as quoted.


Your favourite Nigerian Designer(s)

Myself and my kid sister Irene.

 jaywon and m fidel

Best gift you ever received

Have gotten so much best gifts, can’t really place my mind on any now.


Most embarrassing thing you ever did?

Is putting in to contest for a competition I was an instructor.

 m fidel11

What you do in your leisure time

Listen to music, rap, dance; my job is fun, so I’m always on the move.


Your Favourite hangout spot

My bedroom.


What you wish you could change about yourself and generally?

Nothing, apart from the fact that I could be very playful not considering my person.

Thanks for your time
Thank you too for having me.

your Twitter handle/facebook page

twitter handler: @fidelworld , Facebook:


8 thoughts on “Personality of the Month: Melody Okwuazu, alias M Fidel.

  1. Please this guy deserves to be honored by Mr. President because this dude is self made but will also like to know how you got fund to start your business.
    Cheers!!! xoxo

  2. He’s a hero…
    Alway on the movement, never relies and all means we’re making the fame…
    As the inspiration of my living all he does is worth doing for me…
    Kudos to the boss.

  3. @Believe I Love what i do and working with me not an issue,just add me on face-book. @Sharon thank you, got few awards though including a national award, didn’t actually start with any fund, all i watch out for was branding and kept doing that till people see reason for my service(s) and today we get paid. @Da Stunt thank you so much, you are great and thank you for giving me the opening to inspire and build you,you also my hero. @Chizzy thank you a bunch,much love.

  4. Wow!!! Short of words! U did all dis???? U are my mentor. And pls don’t change dat part of u been playful, I love dat! Am Xo proud of you dad! Lol!

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